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  • Tuesday June 14th 2016


    It all started with some thawed strawberries, muesli, yoghurt and a latte. Then I took Joyces bike out for I ride, her bike has gears, so I thought that might mike the bike ride a bit more comfortable, the weather didn’t agree on “comfortable” and decided on trying to get me as wet as possible. […]

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  • Our 3 year anniversary


    Let’s kick off this blog with some sappy photos from our wedding, because today we celebrate our 3 year anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married for 3 years already!! Love you honey! <3 But still, it was a regular Monday, and I had to eat breakfast and head to work. At work I snacked […]

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  • 2 pools and a BBQ


    The Sunday started bright and early with a cup of tea, or as we like to call it a small pool with tea, the cup is gigantic. Breakfast with red grapes. And some coffee, you didn’t think I would skip it, did you..? After what seemed like an entire day, the pool finally opened at […]

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  • Saturday June 11th 2016


    Saturday morning, but no time to sleep in, breakfast time at 6am sharp! Joyce made this food porn proof breakfast, yoghurt, with pear, muesli and sultanas. Drizzled with honey. Everyone had to recover from the early morning. Rivka wasn’t in the best mood, so we needed some diversion, we headed out to Lievelingetjes, where Rivka […]

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  • Friday June 10th 2016


    Rivka woke up early, so we woke up early. This is what breakfast looks like at 5:30h. And this is what coffee looks like at 5:40h. Joyce prepared some snacks for me when I got dressed for work. It’s Friday, so just 4 working hours. It was 7:00h when I arrived at the office, and […]

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  • Thursday June 9th 2016


    I overslept a bit this morning, Rivka has a bit of trouble sleeping at night, very restless and scary dreams it or so it seems. Anyway coffee and breakfast to start with. I snacked on a liga, don’t know the English equivalent, probably some sort of energy bar but square. Here I’m walking towards the […]

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  • Wednesday June 8th 2016


    Wednesday, half way through the week, let’s start with breakfast. Always a good idea. I guess I had a nice back wind on the bike, because I was one of the first to arrive at work. So I took the opportunity to take a snapshot of my daily surroundings. Joyce had been very sweet and […]

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  • Tuesday June 7th 2016


    I got up and had breakfast Made my lunch And hopped on my bike (I can’t remember taking this photo, but I guess I took the photo while turning on my podcast and Strava) I thought it would be fun to check the actual distance and speed I ride daily. https://www.strava.com/activities/601200801 Turns out, it isn’t […]

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  • Monday June 6th 2016


    Monday morning, a full workweek ahead, better start with breakfast! Not ¬†pictured below, but it did end up in my stomach, a morning latte. Second work week, so about time I personalised my workspace, I made a wallpaper collage of Joyces instagram stream. I was so enthralled by all the gorgeous photos, that I forgot […]

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  • The weekend in review (June 3 to 5)


    In case you’ve missed me, I’m back! Was a busy weekend, and a lack of self control (food wise) so I wasn’t very motivated to blog. Those are the moments when I need this blog the most, to keep me accountable. I think it could have been a lot worse, if it hadn’t been for […]

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